Why Choose Saket Hospital

    For more than 20 years, millions of people from all walks of life have found answers at Saket Hospital. Here are some of the reasons why half a million people each year choose Saket Hospital for their medical care.

    Top Doctors

    At Saket Hospital, we assemble a team of medical experts who take the time to listen and thoroughly understand your health issues and concerns. Our doctors are carefully chosen based on their educational background, their medical skills, and their ability to work together. Because of the large volume of patients who come to Saket Hospital for care, our doctors quickly gain extensive experience in treating every kind of illness.  The Saket Hospital system supports doctors by making it easy for them to work together and by providing the best personnel, facilities and technology to help them deliver the best care to every patient every day.


When the patient meets with the physician, the examination is unhurried. Physicians at Saket Hospital receive a fixed salary. Their pay is not based on quantity of procedures or number of patients seen. Rather, physicians spend the time they deem necessary to provide quality patient care.

New Treatments

a part of Saket Hospital mission is to continually look for new and better ways of doing things. Saket Hospital patients are frequently among the first to benefit from new ideas pioneered by Saket Hospital doctors and researchers. The emphasis on learning is what makes Saket Hospital one of the leading centers for educating other doctors.



Saket has earned a reputation for solving hard-to-solve medical problems based on more than 20 years of results. This is affirmed by the fact that more than 70 percent of Saket Hospital patients have been seen at Saket before.


Many Viewpoints

Saket Hospital system is built on working together: encouraging doctors to freely consult with each other about patients (which are why Saket Hospital doctors are called "consultants"). Patients do not get just one opinion at Saket; they get multiple opinions. The principle at Saket is two heads are better than one and five are even better.


One-Stop Care

Virtually all medical services a patient might need doctor visits, testing, surgery, hospital care are available "under one roof" at Saket Hospital. The scheduling of these services is done in a coordinated and efficient way, so that what might take months to accomplish in a community setting can be done in a matter of days at Saket Hospital.



Saket Maternity & Nursing Home Pvt. Ltd., Allahabad (ISO 9001-2008 Certified) is running under the Managing Director of Dr.S.D.Verma, M.S., and Laparoscopic Surgeon. Saket Maternity & Nursing Home (P) Ltd. (Popularly known as Saket Hospital) is engaged in Health services since 1989 (Registered as a company since 1996). Over the year we are pioneer in providing Hi-Tech health services with our well-equipped hospital and highly experience medical professional and paramedical staff. Our hospital is 150 beds hospital. The hospital is located in central place of Allahabad City.

The Private medical facilities play a crucial role. They offer the best treatment, at a price. A sanitized environment, personalized care supported by the best of equipment and medicine constant monitoring of patients etc. add to their advantages. Patients feel satisfied by the timely assistance, which help to save lives. The availability of the most potent and latest medicines at such centers is a hallmark of effective treatment. Good care is within your reach, because quick aid is just as important as good care. Saket Hospital is providing all the Medical & Surgical Facilities under one roof round the clock

Core Values



The Saket Hospital’s vision of the future is an integrated health care system that achieves a dominant place in tomorrow’s health care market by providing high quality, cost effective services that meet the needs of our communities


Saket Hospital's mission is:  
To participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community
To provide healthcare services in a fiscally responsible manner which contribute to the physical, psychological, social and spiritual well being of the patients and community which it serves
To provide assistance to the whole person in a spirit of equality and interfaith serving all regardless of age, color, creed or gender.
To carry on educational and research activities related to the provision of care to the sick and injured or related to the promotion of health
we are committed to responding to the needs of those we serve with kindness and empathy.
we believe in treating everyone with the dignity and respect due them as human beings, affirming the principles of honesty, integrity, openness and good faith.
we call one another to be the best that we can be.
we strive to create a healing environment of hospitality and quality care.
Goals and Objectives
Promote the highest level of rehabilitation and independence through restorative nursing care using a team approach and collaborating with therapy disciplines as appropriate.
Offer care and support for terminally ill clients and families, including but not limited to physical, psychosocial and spiritual care, as they desire.
Provide knowledgeable staff in numbers sufficient to provide an appropriate level of care and frequency of visits.
Provide quality management through continuous evaluations of client care through review processes.
Provide quality care by teaching and monitoring client’s response.
Provide high quality health care services in a cost-effective manner.
To introduce new technologies to make services better than ever before.
Maintain a positive and steady growth of 15% each year.
To respond approximately whenever possible to societal expectations and environmental needs.
Quality And Saket Hospital

    Quality can be defined and measured in many ways. At Saket Hospital, quality is not just a simple measure. Quality is a comprehensive look at all aspects of a patient's experience. Our patients seek excellence in care, the best medical knowledge and experience, the best technology available and the kindness and hope offered by our staff. Quality can be measured in the outcomes achieved such as mortality rates and surgical infections; in the compliance with evidence-based processes known to enhance care; in the volume of patients successfully treated who have complex diagnoses and procedures; and in the safety record of the institution. Quality and service can also be measured in other ways such as the amount of time spent with each patient; making sure each patient is treated with respect, kindness and dignity by every member of the Saket team; making sure appointments are on time and that all test results and other patient information are available to every doctor whenever it is needed.

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